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Renewable Energy University Network (REUNET)

REUNET - a new concept for the development of renewable energy in Morocco

  • REUNET was founded in the year 2012 and officially registered under Moroccan law in 2013.

  • REUNET aims to promote the use of renewable energy in Morocco through Training, Research and Innovation.

  • REUNET intends to focus its Renewable Energy activities on solar energy, wind and hydro power, biomass and bioenergy, energy efficiency, energy storage, grid integration and power quality.

  • REUNET is administered by an Executive Board consisting of 9 Members and a Supervisory Board (National Board of Directors) consisting of 40 Members.

Under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Lahcen Daoudi, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executive Training of the Kingdom of Morocco,

The Renewable Energy University Network (REUNET) and Synergie France-Maroc (SFM) organize,

with the support of the Ministry in Charge of the Moroccan Community Residing Abroad, the

1st French-Moroccan Congress on New and Renewable Energy Research and Applications (COFMER'01)

The congress will be held in Rabat at the Mohammadia School of Engineering, University Mohammed V, during 28-30 October 2014.

The congress focuses on New and Renewable Energy Research and Applications and aims to offer a platform for academics and researchers from France, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia to deliberate, network and present the latest scientific research results and emerging technologies in New and Renewable Energy.

The congress also aimed to explore new opportunities for strengthening cooperation between France and Morocco in Science, Technology and Innovation for Promoting Renewable Energy in Morocco and the Mediterranean region.


  1. Low- and High-Temperature Solar Thermal Energy

  2. Photovoltaic Solar Energy (PV and CPV)

  3. Wind Energy

  4. Marine Renewable Energy

  5. Energy Efficiency and management in buildings and industrial facilities

  6. Biomass and Bioenergy

  7. Energy Storage Systems

  8. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

  9. Hybridization of Energy Systems

  10. Integration of renewable energy resources into the power grid and Smart Grid

  11. Materials for Renewable Energy

  12. Renewable Energy Potential and Measurement

  13. Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Energy Systems

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Renewable Energy University Network (REUNET)
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